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Facilities in Valve

Cultural Centre Valve is a three-story building, approximately 3,500 square meters in size, with various spaces for presenting art and culture, as well as for the use of enthusiasts in many artistic fields. The spaces include dance studios, two stages, craft spaces, galleries and a meeting room.

For an hour, a month or a year

You can rent the spaces for individual events or gatherings, as well as for hobby activities for a short or extended period - for example, for an hour or for the entire year. Below, you'll find information about the spaces as well as any applicable fees or rental rates.

Information regarding accessibility for the spaces can be found on our accessibility page.

Kulttuuritalo Valve
Hallituskatu 7
90100 Oulu
Valveen lippumyymälä
Puh. 08 5584 7575
Puh. 044 703 7501