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Timmi booking system

Cultural Centre Valve uses Timmi360 booking system for bookings. By registering as a user on Timmi, you can make booking requests and cancel individual bookings electronically. 

Go to Timmi at: >>

Note! Unfortunately the registration page is only in Finnish at the moment. 

Only dance studios and the meeting room can be booked through Timmi at the moment. To submit booking requests, you need to register in the booking system. Registrants must be 18 years of age. Registration can be done on behalf of an association, company, or individual. Instructions for using the system can be found on this page.

In case you need additional information or guidance, you can contact Valve's in-house services / info : p. 044 703 7501, virastomestarit.valve(at)

Registration can be done on behalf of an association, company, or individual

Register as a private individual when making personal bookings or bookings as the contact person for an unregistered group. As an individual, you will also be in charge of the payments for all the bookings you make. After submitting your registration details, the service will send an activation message to your email from If you don't receive this message, please check your spam folder.

When registering as the contact person for an organization, you will need permission from the association or company you represent. Bookings made as a representative will be paid by the organization whose details you entered during registration or selected from the registry. A notification about your registration will be sent to the organization's email address.

Individuals registered as private users can also expand their accounts to become contacts for organizations. To do so, apply for an extension of access rights in the 'My Account' section. Registration as a contact person for an organization will be processed by Cultural Centre Valve, with a processing time of 1–3 days.

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