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Arts and well-being

Art and culture not only offer experiences and new perspectives, but also promote health, well-being and inclusion. The mission of arts and well-being services is to increase knowledge of the effects of art and culture on well-being and to develop accessibility of services. 

The person responsible for arts and well-being at Valve is the executive producer Jaana Potkonen (link to contact details). 

Arts and well-being is a new concept and a widespread phenomenon; the content takes shape as the phenomenon evolves. The field of arts and well-being covers the entire field of the activities, development, education and research, in which cooperation between different fields of both art and health and well-being is built and applied. The focus is on the perceived well-being and good life, in which culture and art are present.

Cultural rights belong to everyone: everyone has the right to participate in arts and culture, to develop themselves and their community through them, and the opportunity to express themselves freely. This goal is emphasized in the revised Cultural Act, which entered into force in the spring of 2019.


In the area of arts and well-being, Valve cooperates closely with various partners in the sectors of culture and well-being, as well as with social and health services, for example. The operations provide customised services for different customer groups and are involved in bringing art and culture to care homes and social and health care units. This way it is possible to reach target groups that would otherwise find it challenging to participate in cultural activities – either because of physical limitations or economic or social barriers. 

The arts and well-being activities aim at promoting health and well-being. Activites include cultural work with the elderly in addition to inclusive and applied art. Oulu is also part of the national Kaikukortti network.

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