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Welcome to Valve!

Cultural Centre Valve is a versatile platform, workspace and communal space in the Oulu city centre. Valve is a place for exhibitions, performances, workshops and shows of different genres, located in the heart of the city and offering recreational activities for different age groups. 

On the ground floor of Valve there is a cafeteria and restaurant Valveen Paljetti.

What’s going on at the Cultural Centre Valve? Check the events calendar at frontpage (in Finnish) >>

Studio Cinema and Film Library

One of the numerous actors in the Cultural Centre Valve is the Oulu Film Centre, which runs Valve’s arthouse Studio Cinema. Studio is located on the second floor in Valve. The Studio's programme includes many films in English (subtitled in Finnish). You can see the programme on the Oulu Film Centre website (in Finnish).

The Film Centre also hosts one of the most comprehensive specialised film libraries and archives in the country.

The Comics Store

At the Oulu Comics Center on the ground floor of Valve, you can also find the Turku Comics Store Oulu. The store has about 2,500 titles of Finnish and English comic books. From the store, you can also order more than 4,000 items, about half of which are in English.

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