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Cultural Centre Valve

Valve is a cultural centre for all ages, open seven days a week. In Valve, you can enjoy cultural experiences by both local organisers and international visits; in the three galleries, two auditoriums and one cinema there is much to see and experience!

A unique actor among the Finnish cultural centres

Valve is not only a vibrant house for events, but also the home for many cultural organisations. Valve has a wide range of cooperation with different actors, artists and event organisers, and it also maintains a variety of facilities for use in the arts and cultural sector. Festivals are celebrated in Valve almost every month of the year. 

Apart from events and shows, Valve provides numerous hobby opportunities. There is a workshop for crafts, dance studios, and a wide range of clubs for different target groups.

The Cultural Centre Valve is an organisation of the City of Oulu. Oulu Culture Centre for Children and Youth also operates in Valve. In addition, regional culture services and culture for well-being services are produced at the Cultural Centre.

Kulttuuritalo Valve
Hallituskatu 7
90100 Oulu
Valveen lippumyymälä
Puh. 08 5584 7575
Puh. 044 703 7501