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Communicating in Valve's channels

If you are arranging an event at the Cultural Centre Valve or in cooperation with us, please read through the instructions on this page.

Remember to use our logo (page in Finnish) in marketing materials for events arranged in cooperation with us. 

Primary channels: event calendar and social media

Please always fill in the information of your event into our event calendar (instructions below). Through the form we get all the information needed concerning the event and we can also include it in our social media posts and other communications. Throug Valve's event calendar your event can also be seen on the event calendars of My Oulu and Kaleva.

Event calendar

  • You can find the calendar at the front page of
  • Fill in the information for te calendar in this form (questions in Finnish at the moment). The info text should not exceed 1,000 chracters. Please use clear and understandable language. It is recommended to have the text both in Finnish and English, but if this is not possible, include at least the English text.
  • Email the event image to Laura Kärki. The size of the image is 1366x768 px, but you can also send a good quality horizontal image. Due to accessibility, there should be no text or logos on the image. 
  • The events in Valve's event calendar automatically transfer to the event calendars of My Oulu and Kaleva, but not the other way around. So please fill in the info primarily to Valve's calendar.

Social media

  • We inform about the events organized at Valve or in cooperation with us also in our social media channels Facebook & Instagram. We use primarily the information from the event calendar when making the posts.
  • Remember to tag us in your own posts and stories especially on Instagram: @kulttuurivalve. This helps us to notice the posts and repost them on our own channels. Please also use the hashtag #kulttuurivalve.
  • Please inform the person you've done cooperation with at Valve about all possible changes. Matters concerning communications and marketing, you can also send a message on Facebook and Instagram.

Display screens

  • You can send us digital material related to events, courses or exhibitions at Valve or orgaized in cooperation with Valve (images or videos without sound) for our display screens. The size is 1080x1920 px.
  • Contact person Laura Kärki.

Printed event brochure

  • The printed event brochure gathers the info about everything happening at Valve and in cooperation with us.
  • The borchure comes out four times a year: January–March, April–June, August–September and October–December.
  • More information about deadlines and sending in the materials for the brochure: Laura Kärki.


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