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Film library

In the premises of Oulu Film Centre, on the second floor of Valve, operates one of the most comprehensive specialized film industry libraries and archives in Finland.

  • The collection consists of over 7,500 volumes.
  • Around forty periodicals are subscribed to for the collection.
  • In addition, there is an archive of other seasonal publications, as well as a comprehensive collection of newspaper clippings and movie posters.
  • The material can be borrowed, excluding reference library section, newspaper clippings, and magazines from the current year.
  • The collections are transitioning to a public library database: all materials can be accessed and borrowed through the OUTI library database, and loans can be made using an OUTI library card (about half of the material is already available in the OUTI system).
  • The loan period is four weeks (OUTI loans can also be returned to other libraries in the city of Oulu).

You can check the opening hours of the library on the Opening Hours page.

Librarian Kai Penttilä
p. 040 5219 183 / firstname.lastname(at)

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