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Art goes Afterwork

Art goes Afterwork offers a relaxed, cultural start to the weekend on Friday afternoons! In Valve's Café Paljetti, you can experience different kinds of performances and events, have something to eat or drink, and perhaps stop by the current art exhibitions at Valve.

You can find information about upcoming Art goes Afterwork events in our event calendar >>

Performing at the Afterwork?

Art goes Afterwork provides an opportunity to showcase your own works, gain more visibility, or simply get some performance experience. The events have featured not only various music performances but also book launches, improvisational theatre, and a wide range of other sorts of performances from both experienced and new performers. 

So, if you're looking for a stage for your performance, please contact Valve's Head of Production Ville-Mikko Sikiö: ville-mikko.sikio(at) Please note that Art goes Afterwork events always take place on Fridays. 

Café Paljetti and the Cultural Centre Valve provide the stage for performers, and performers bring their own sound equipment. Valve's lightweight PA system can also be used and, if necessary, supplemented with your own equipment. Please be aware that you should be able to operate the PA system and other devices independently. The events are included in the marketing of Cultural Centre Valve and the café.

Performers selected for the Art goes Afterwork clubs will receive a performance fee of 150 euros. The performer must be able to invoice the fee from Valve.

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