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Dance Studios

There are three dance studios at the Cultural Centre Valve that you can rent. All three studios are bright and spacious, equipped with bars, wall-sized mirrors, and a sound system. Dance Studio 1 has a parquet floor, Dance Studio 2 has a fixed dance mat, and Dance Studio 3 has both a parquet floor and a rollable dance mat.

Size: 91–96 m²
Location: 3rd floor, elevator access
Rental prices can be found on the Rental Prices and Cancellation Policy page.
Bookings are made through Timmi360 booking system ( More information about the booking system can be found at our Timmi page.

Reservation Status

You can check the availability of the dance studios on the Timmi booking calendar (page in Finnish). Available time slots are displayed in white on the calendar. Please note that there is a 15-minute break between reservations to avoid overlap between different groups.

The dance studios can be booked during Valve's opening hours on weekdays 8–22 and on weekends 10–22.

Dance studio 1

Dance studio 2

Dance studio 3

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