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Valve Gallery

Valve Gallery is suitable for various uses, and it has a versatile profile. Exhibitions are organized by artists, educational institutions, associations, as well as hobby artists.

The opening hours of the gallery can be found on the Opening Hours page.
Free entry
Location: 1st floor, street level
Size: 133 m²

Open call for exhibitions

Valve Gallery is rented out for periods of about one month based on applications at a rate of €18 per day. The open call for exhibitions at Valve Gallery, Café restaurant Paljetti Gallery (free of charge), and Oskari Jauhiainen Gallery in Kiiminki (free of charge) for the year 2025 will take place at the beginning of the fall season in 2024. Include the following information in your application:

  • Artist's CV or description of artistic activity
  • Link to artwork images or printed artwork images
  • Informal application detailing the exhibition's theme and a preliminary plan
  • Preferred timeframe

Applications should be submitted as an email attachment to the following address: ville-mikko.sikio(at) or by mail: Kulttuuritalo Valve / Ville-Mikko Sikiö, PL 42, 90015 Oulun kaupunki. The chosen exhibitions will be announced by November 2025. 

Inquiries Head of Production Ville-Mikko Sikiö (the link goes to contact information page).

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