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Valvesali Hall

Valvesali Hall is the largest venue in Cultural Centre Valve. It is suitable, in terms of sound and lighting technology, for theatre and dance performances, concerts, lectures, and various other events. In front of Valvesali, there is a spacious lobby that can be used to welcome guests or organize additional activities related to events held in the venue.

Seats: rising seating max 175 seats + 3 wheelchair seats
Maximum capacity without the seats:  500
Size: 300 m²
Location: 1st floor, street level
Booking terms: The rent of Valvesali hall is 45 euros/hour including the hall, technical equipment and technical staff (lighting, sound and stage person). The reservation times will be specified together with the technical staff no later than four weeks before the reservation. The minimum reservation of the hall is 5 hours per day and the maximum reservation is 8 hours per day, mainly during the centre's opening hours.
Ticket sales: Valve has a ticket shop that can take care of possible advance ticket sales for the event. We use Ticketmaster's system. 
Rental prices: can be found on the Rental Prices and Cancellation Policy page.
Inquiries: Head of Production Ville-Mikko Sikiö (the link goes to contact information page).

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