The Love of Three Oranges

Oulun Lyseon Drama Guild

A bitter curse sends Price Tartaglia on an impossible quest after three magical oranges in a wild comedy by Hillary Depaino. Based on a traditional Italian tale, The Love of Three Oranges is a colourful, juicy story about kings, witches and clowns, a little bit about love, and of course, about Oranges!

Esitys on englanninkielinen, yli 15- vuotiaille.

la 23.1., pe 29.1. ja la 30.1. klo 18, Valvesali

Liput 7 / 5 € tuntia ennen esitystä ovelta.  Tiedustelut ja varaukset Anne Romsi p. 040 5760 987 tai ave@lyseo.edu.ouka.fi