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Inventing Artists

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We are seeking a dedicated group of individuals, ideally diverse in backgrounds, needs and ages, to participate in a four-week community art project in collaboration with Culture Centre Valve’s Urban Neighbourhood Culture, deufert&plischkeD-asema, and Photo North – Northern Photocraphic Centre.

Looking back to the future: How do we invent an artist together?

The aim is to jointly invent an artist specializing in photography and to find and create her life and work in Oulu and the surrounding area. In this way, the artist who does not exist, but perhaps could exist, is given a voice, as are all of those who invented her. The project consists of guided and independent creative work sessions – working both in small groups and collectively.

The artistic focus will be on the topic of 'family and everyday life / life in the city and in the countryside', which will be captured in photos, sketches and texts. The project ends with an exhibition showcasing the artist's work to the public for the first time.

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Creative people with an artistic interest, courage and energy for independent and collaborative invention can take part. Knowledge of photography is desirable but not a prerequisite, other previous knowledge in the areas of creative writing, urban history, queer art or live art can also be helpful.

All participants must be available for all workshops already scheduled. In addition, there will be further working times in small groups, which can be arranged individually. Deufert&plischke guides the group in English but depending on the participants the group can work, at least partly, in Finnish too.

The group (approx. 8 people) is selected based on applications. Participants are paid 600 € for participating. Please send a brief introduction of yourself where you explain why you want to participate in the project. Deadline of the application is Wed 28.2.2024. Please send your additional questions by e-mail to executive producer of the urban neighbourhood culture Ari-Matti Lappalainen: ari-matti.lappalainen(a)

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Tue 16.4. at 18–21
Wed 17.4. at 18–21
Thu 18.4. at 18–21
Fri 19.4. at 18–21
Sat 20.4. at 18.30–21
Sun 21.4 at 12–15

Thu 25.4. at 18–21
Fri 26.4. at 18–21
Sat 27.4. at 16.30–21
Sun 28.4. at 12–15

Tue 30.4. at 18–21
Wed 1.5. at 18–21
Thu 2.5. at 18–21
Fri 3.5. at 18–21
Sat 4.5. at 18.30–21
Sun 5.5. at 12–15

Tue 7.5. at 18–21
Wed 8.5 at 18–21
Thu 9.5. at 18–21
Fri 10.5. at 18–21
Sat 11.5. at 16.30–21
Sun 12.5. at 12–15

Location: D-asema (Valtatie 53, Tuira)



Kulttuuritalo Valve
Hallituskatu 7
90100 Oulu
Valveen lippumyymälä
Puh. 08 5584 7575
Puh. 044 703 7501