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Sustainable Kaijonharju -project

The City of Oulu participates in The Suburb Programme coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment. The objective of the programme is to achieve positive, long-term development that facilitates the well-being of the residents and the area’s vitality.

The Sustainable Kaijonharju -project is a part of the Suburb Programme and invests in enhancing the facilities of the Kaijonharju area. Part of the project is to liven up the area by organizing events and bringing culture closer to the people. The residents' own projects and ideas play an important part in the development of the area.

Kaijontupa community center has been opened in Kaijonharju as a part of the programme. The space is open for visitors two days a week and in the other times is bookable for the use of individuals and groups alike. The community center can be used for organizing events, meeting friends, distance work and much more. The developmental plans of the area can be seen at Kaijontupa and the employees of the Sustainable Kaijonharju -project are present to share the residents’ thoughts and ideas.

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