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Syke-talo and Sykesali

Syke-talo is a meeting place for people of all ages in Kiiminki, offering activities and events for all residents of the area. The building houses a library, a youth centre, general cultural services, the Oulu10 service point and activities of the Adult Education Centre of Oulu (Oulu-opisto).

Address: Kirjastokuja 1, Kiiminki


Syke-talo’s multi-purpose space Sykesali enables the production of versatile events. The space includes first class performance technology, an 84-seater telescopic auditorium and an area elastic floor that enables dance activities. The kitchen in the youth centre located next to Sykesali enables e.g. serving intermission refreshments during events.

  • 117.5 m2
  • 84 seats
  • Without the seats the capacity is 150 people.


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