The Irish Festival of Oulu
Forgotten reveals the interconnecting stories of four elderly people, living in retirement homes and care facilities around Ireland. At times challengingly dark and, at other times, startlingly hilarious, Forgotten is presented in a fusion of European and Japanese Kabuki theatrical styles. With vibrancy and haunting honesty, Pat Kinevane’s captivating performance brings to life these sometimes forgotten voices of society in a real, hopeful and touching way.
The show has performed around the world to great audience and critical acclaim including Los Angeles, New York, Paris and now Oulu. Written and performed by Pat Kinevane.
Näytelmä on englanninkielinen, kesto 90 min.

Pe 2.10. ja la 3.10. klo 18, Valvesali
Liput 18/12 € Valveen lippumyymälästä