Multimedia-performanssiluento Look Behind You!
The Irish Festival of Oulu
Isän ja pojan mielikuvat Pohjois-Irlannin levottomuuksista välittyvät valokuvien ja laulujen kautta.

Look Behind You!™ is a critically acclaimed multimedia performance lecture that details how a father and son (both artists) have negotiated the personal and political landscapes of Northern Ireland. A melding of image and voice, anecdote and memory, it showcases Bobbie Hanvey’s prize-winning photojournalism along with radio-edits of his interviews with some of Northern Ireland’s best-known figures. These are complemented and contextualised by singer-songwriter Steafán Hanvey’s story-telling, which comes in the form of critically-acclaimed song-writing, and a trained academic’s gift for presenting complex issues in an engaging manner.
Tapahtuma on englanninkielinen.  Kesto n. 60 min + yleisökeskustelu
Ke 30.9. klo 18, Valvesali
Liput 10/6 € Valveen lippumyymälästä