Valve Film School is a film education specialized unit of Cultural Centre Valve. We are developing new methods and producing resources for integrating film into school environment. We also organize clubs, courses and workshops for children, youth and adults all over Finland.

Valve Film School encourages children to express their own thoughts creatively through language of cinema. In our opinion film education should include lots of practical work which guarantees many memorable experiences. One of our pedagogical goals is to inspire children’s curiosity towards art and culture.


Film Education in Schools

Each year over 1 000 pupils experience the art of cinema in Valve Film School’s workshops. As a result there are over 200 films made by children. In many cases school workshops are organized as part of the school’s basic education syllabus. However, the workshops can be arranged for example to immigrant pupils or children with special needs. We have found out that the film is a flexible and user-friendly tool for self expression for many target groups!

Film Education at Film Clubs

Valve Film School has about 100 film enthusiasts participating in weekly film clubs. Film Club Pikseli (10-13 year old children) and Film Club MegaPikseli (11-13 year old children) as well as Film Club Kolina (14-18 year old youth) are clubs for making own films. Animation Club Vilinä (7-12 year old children) is dedicated to stop-motion animation. During summer Valve Film School organizes popular Animoi!-workshops and film masterclass courses. Over 100 kids are participating on summer courses in every June.   

Some of the workshop results are available on our website. Besides the festivals in Finland, some of the films have reached the screens around the world for example in South Korea, Brazil, USA, Australia and of course in many countries in Europe. Also our pedagogical methods and guide books have also been distributed to our friends worldwide.