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The Cultural Centre Valve has a variety of inspiring activities for children and young people as well as their adult companions: clubs, workshops, festivals and more.

Or perhaps you’d like to get creative with the Valve Film School for Children , the Valve School of Literary Arts for Children  or are the Arts and Crafts of Konstila closer to your heart?

In Co-Operation

In addition, the Cultural Centre Valve is the base for a host of professionals who work with a variety of arts, particularly cinema, dance, theatre and photography. Co-operation with other cultural and art organisations, associations and visiting artists adds colour to the day-to-day operation of the cultural centre.

The History of the Name 'Valve'

Are you wondering what Valve, the name of our cultural centre, means? Valve of course means one kind of a flap or a paddle of a machine, in english. But here comes the whole story: The house used to be called “Nuku” (short for nuoriso- ja kulttuurikeskus, or youth and culture centre in Finnish). Nuku also means something along the lines of “go to sleep”. This was the reason, why a more lively name started to seem like a good idea. A couple of years ago the house was renamed Valve, meaning just the opposite to sleeping, i.e. the state of being awake. It’s Valve time - a time to open your eyes!