Art & Culture for Children and Young People

We invite children and young people to participate in our fun, cheerful workshops and courses in various art forms. Our website has detailed information about the choice of events and activities.

Choose your own favourite hobby and ask for further details!

Literature and Creative writing

The Valve School of Literary Arts for Children has various clubs and other activities for children of all ages – babies, toddlers and schoolchildren. Literary art includes everything that involves words, art and creativity: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Every spring, the Valve School of Literary Arts for Children organizes the language art festival Lumotut sanat (‘Enchanted Words’).


The Valve Film School for Children offers the opportunity to make your very own films. At the video workshop, you can practise film editing with the help of an instructor. Every November, the Cultural Centre Valve is the primary location for Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, arranged by Oulu Film Centre, and the Oskari Awards Gala for films made by children and young people. The Valve Film School for Children also coordinates Koulujen elokuvaviikko, the national film week in schools.

Arts and Crafts

At the Konstila workshops, you can do all sorts of crafts and make objects of art. Clubs and other activities are arranged by Art & Culture for Children at Cultural Centre Valve as well as by our partners.


The Valvenäyttämö theatre stage comes alive with the shows and performances of puppet theatre Akseli Klonk and the Oulu Theatre of University Students. The Oulu Children’s Theatre Festival, arranged in co-operation with the Oulu City Theatre, takes place in February.


There are a number of dance schools and groups at Cultural Centre Valve, and they are happy to tell you more about their dance courses and workshops.

Photography and Exhibitions

For more information about the exhibitions, consult the photography specialists at the Northern Photographic Centre. You’re also welcome to visit the art exhibitions at Valvegalleria and Sarjakuvagalleria!. Find out the opening hours here.

Cooperation with local schools and daycare

Our cooperation with local schools and daycare is based to the City of Oulu Cultural curriculum. You can find it in pdf-format here.